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Do You Need a Bookkeeper in Shoreham? Job Done!

Aben delivers bookkeeping services in and around Shoreham to small and medium sized businesses.

Some tasks are best left to the experts. One of those is bookkeeping, something that can be time consuming if you have to do it yourself, but shouldn't be ignored or left to the last minute.

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What does a successful business look like?

The most successful businesses, in our experience, stay permanently on top of their finances. They understand exactly how their cashflow is performing at any one time. They keep their books up to date at all times, which means they always have an accurate picture of their incomings and outgoings, and they understand that financial knowledge is power. Does that sound like you?

If so, and you need a bookkeeper in Shoreham, we'll be delighted to pitch in and help you keep your money matters in apple pie order. We're Aben Bookkeeping, and we provide small, medium and large businesses with the full range of essential bookkeeping, VAT and Payroll services, Office of National Statistics Returns, and European Community Sales Lists and more. Because we're local we understand local issues, and we have offices just down the coast from you in Brighton and Worthing.

What our Shoreham bookeeping service will do for your business

Ask any of our customers and they'll tell you we're personal, punctual and professional, those essential three Ps that make dealing with a company more of a pleasure than a chore. We're your 'fire and forget' bookkeepers, more than able to get on with the job without asking you questions every five minutes. And it's all down to our founder's 25 years' of bookkeeping experience. There isn't much we haven't seen over the years, and we have all the knowledge you need as well as rock solid systems to support bookkeeping excellence.

Acting as your own bookkeeping department

We see it as our job to act as your own bookkeeping department, more than just a basic business relationship. This means we do much more than keep your books beautifully. We're also experts at spotting difficulties before they become issues, things like noticing changes in your margins early on and making sure your stock purchasing protocols are working to your benefit, not against you. It's an added value thing, not just a number crunching thing.

Essential services to keep HMRC, your staff and ONS happy

We've used all of our experience and expertise to create a service with you at the centre, providing time-poor business owners with reliable, dependable services delivered on time, every time, to the advantage of your bottom line. We'll help you keep HMRC happy, lifting what can be a substantial burden from your shoulders so you can concentrate on business growth. We'll make sure you never, ever get Payroll wrong, keeping your staff happy. We'll make sure you have the right figures available for European Community Sales Lists and ensure you're prepared for any new post-Brexit legislation that arises. And with our help an unexpected Office of National Statistics return won't be a nightmare – you'll be properly prepared.

If all of that sounds good, give us a call on 01273 661913 to find out how we'll partner with you to make your business finances better. If you'd like to know more about the services we offer click through to our services

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